Virtual Learning

Virtual Professional Learning

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Ensure equity and excellence in teaching and learning… virtually!

As we prepare for the unique challenges of this new school year, we need to equip leaders at all levels with the tools to meet educator and student learning needs head-on.

Just as teachers are designing new models of learning to meet their students’ success, schools and systems need to provide professional learning support for teachers, coaches, and leaders to ensure they are not working in isolation, but are collaboratively adapting and continuing to work toward a common vision of excellent teaching and learning every day.

We are now offering high-quality professional learning you’ve come to expect from Learning Forward in a virtual learning environment. Our virtual consulting services help teacher leaders, coaches, mentors, and school leaders lead and facilitate virtual professional learning that reflects best practices in both adult learning and online learning.

We are offering virtual professional learning opportunities to support:

Learning Forward is the leader in advancing professional learning that improves educator effectiveness and results for all students. We have adapted the support we provide our consulting clients to meet the needs of educators where they are now through:

  • Live, facilitated virtual sessions with expert coaches and facilitators;
  • Asynchronous learning communities that provide ongoing collaboration, resource sharing, and best practices in virtual learning;
  • Tools and strategies to support online team learning and collaboration.

Give your teachers, coaches, and leaders the professional learning they need to make this school year the best it can be for all students.


Our virtual consulting support includes:

Live, facilitated professional learning sessions

Community-focused asynchronous learning

One-on-one and team learning opportunities with expert coaches and facilitators

Strategies to support and facilitate virtual adult learning

Tools, resources and protocols to support virtual learning communities in schools

Strategies for coaches and mentors to support teachers remotely




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