Texas Mentor Teacher Academy

Texas Mentor Teacher Academy

Supporting Texas teachers through the Mentor Program Allotment

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As a TEA-approved provider, Learning Forward can help you meet the December 18 deadline to secure state funding and support new teachers through a comprehensive mentor teacher program.

A significant body of research describes the impact of effective mentoring on beginning teachers’ sense of efficacy, professional growth, and retention rates, as well as the development of skills in key areas of instruction and classroom management.

Effective mentors play a critical role in a district supporting and retaining great teachers, and the mentor teacher role is an important component of the leadership pipeline for systems that want to support teachers and grow leaders.

To meet the urgent need to retain and support new teachers in the state, the Texas Education Agency created the Mentor Program Allotment, which provides up to $100,000 in funding for Texas districts to implement a comprehensive mentor support program for beginning teachers.

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The application process for districts seeking MPA funding during this cycle is open, with a December 18 application deadline. As a Texas-based, approved TEA provider, Learning Forward has a proven track record of providing research-based professional learning for mentors that improves their practice in building the efficacy of new teachers.

We can help you complete the MPA application process and develop a customized support program for your mentors that meets the requirements of the MPA and ensures that your beginning teacher have the support they need from a highly qualified mentor.

About the Mentor Program Allotment (MPA)

The MPA was created as part of comprehensive House Bill 3 legislation passed in 2019. During the current cycle of MPA funding, Texas districts may request $2,000 per new teacher (defined as any teacher who have spent less than two years in the classroom) to support the implementation of a research-based mentoring program to train current classroom teachers with at least three years of experience to become mentors.

The MPA application process is open from November 2 – December 18. Districts will be notified of their funding status in January 2021, and mentor training programs can begin during the summer of 2021.

How We Can Help

Districts seeking a mentor training partner as part of their MPA applications must identify a provider from the Agency’s approved mentor programs on their applications.

Our Mentor Teacher Academy is a customized, multi-day, blended learning experience grounded in a Mentoring Cycle of diagnosing mentee needs, providing coaching support to address those needs, and monitoring progress to measure growth and evaluate impact utilizing a “Plan, Do, Study, Act” process for growth and improvement.

We deliver Mentor Teacher Academies onsite or virtually for mentors in your system. Or, register for a Virtual Mentor Academy Cohort to place your mentors in a learning community of teachers from across the state.

Learning Forward’s mentor teacher program provides professional learning for mentor teachers to understand and develop skills in the five key areas of best mentorship practices as identified by the TEA:

  1. Effective mentoring partnerships, including developing trusting relationships between mentors and beginning teachers, communicating effectively with beginning teachers, and engaging in conversations with beginning teachers around diversity, equity, and culturally responsive teaching.
  2. Implementing coaching cycles that appropriately differentiate coaching for beginning teachers.
  3. Data-driven instruction that builds beginning teacher skills in analyzing student work, designing formative and summative assessments, and using data to set professional learning goals.
  4. Lesson planning to support beginning teachers in preparing TEKS-aligned, culturally responsive, research-based lessons.
  5. Establishing a supportive learning environment by building capacity to develop and implement classroom routines and procedures that maximize instructional time and create a welcoming, safe and inclusive learning environment for all students.

Learn more about our Mentor Teacher Academy here.

As a TEA-approved provider, we can help you:

  • Complete the MPA Cycle 2 application process, including embedding the scope and sequence of our mentor program into your application;
  • Ensure your mentor training meets the requirements of the MPA;
  • Customize our mentor program to ensure it meets the unique needs of your mentors, beginning teachers, and students;
  • Deliver training to your mentor teachers onsite, virtually, or using a hybrid model;
  • Ensure effective implementation of the program by providing job-embedded support for mentor teachers;
  • identify and train a cadre of mentors to facilitate our Mentor Teacher Academy at the local level, and ingrain mentor teacher training into the culture of your district.

To learn more about our mentor program and how we can help you secure MPA funding to ensure every new teacher in your system has an effective mentor, contact Tom Manning, Senior Vice President of Professional Services, at tom.manning@learningforward.org.


Our support for mentor teachers includes:

Understanding mentor roles, responsibilities, and expectations

Applying a three-phase mentoring cycle

Establishing and maintaining trust with mentees

Conducting classroom observations

Mentoring for classroom management

Analyzing observation data

One-on-one debriefs

Goal setting with mentees

Growth mindset practice