Mentor Teacher Academy

Mentor Teacher Academy

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Give your new teachers the support they need to succeed

Now offered virtually!

New and beginning teachers in any system need an experienced, knowledgeable mentor to help them navigate their first years in the classroom. Effective mentors play a crucial role in a district supporting and retaining great teachers, and the mentor teacher role is an important component of the leadership pipeline for systems that want to retain and support homegrown talent.

This year, new teachers need the support of an expert mentor more than ever as they work through the challenges of designing virtual curriculum and managing their unique classroom environments.

Learning Forward supports districts in implementing comprehensive new teacher support programs through our Mentor Teacher Academy. The Academy assists mentors of new teachers to build strong relationships with mentees; diagnose and prioritize mentee’s strengths and areas for growth; design and implement a mentoring support plan; and assess and deepen their own content knowledge and content-specific pedagogy.

We now offer a Virtual Mentor Teacher Academy for districts to develop mentor teachers with the skills to provide both face-to-face and online support to their mentees. Our Virtual Mentor Teacher Academy includes:

  • 10 live, facilitated virtual sessions with mentor teachers;
  • Asynchronous, community-based, collaborative learning opportunities to reflect on learning, reinforce strategies, and share progress;
  • Individual support for mentor teachers as they work with new teachers in their schools and systems.

We help mentor teachers develop skills and strategies for:

  • Establishing trust with new and beginning teachers;
  • Helping new teachers implement effective classroom management and engagement strategies;
  • Providing face-to-face and virtual classroom observation and feedback;
  • Using protocols to guide planning time with mentees;
  • Facilitating difficult conversations;
  • Providing one-on-one coaching that supports new teachers to deliver high quality lessons;
  • Tools to engage in virtual professional learning as well as support the virtual learning needs of students.

Give your new teachers the confidence they need to teach during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our support for mentor teachers includes:

Understanding mentor roles, responsibilities, and expectations

Applying a three-phase mentoring cycle

Establishing and maintaining trust with mentees

Conducting classroom observations

Mentoring for classroom management

Analyzing observation data

One-on-one debriefs

Goal setting with mentees

Growth mindset practice




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