School Improvement

Ensure your schools are true learning schools

School-based professional learning is the most effective way to ensure that adult learning impacts student achievement. True learning schools have teacher teams that engage in cycles of continuous improvement. They set aside time in the workday for professional learning. They have principals who serve as learning leaders in their schools. And they have a culture where everyone assumes collective responsibility for the success of all students.

Learning Forward provides support for principals, teacher leaders, coaches, and teachers to make sure your school operates as a high-functioning professional learning community driven by job-embedded, teacher-led cycles of continuous improvement.

Our comprehensive school improvement planning includes support for:

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What We Do

Our school improvement framework includes learning around:

Understanding the Standards for Professional Learning and how they drive school improvement

What it means to really learn collaboratively

The five-stage learning team cycle of improvement

Establishing time for professional learning within the school day

Roles and responsibilities of school leaders in a true learning school

Using student, teacher and other data to plan, implement, and evaluate professional learning

Our Work

Becoming a Learning Team

Get step-by-step guidance in using collaborative learning time to solve specific student learning challenges.

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Becoming a Learning School

Discover what leaders need to know to implement more effective professional learning.

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Professional Learning Communities Team

Carol Francois

Dallas, Texas

Carol François served as Learning Forward’s director of learning from 2008-2015 and is now the organization’s learning ambassador. A lifetime…

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Julie Lambert

Miami, Florida

Julie Lambert is a Learning Forward senior consultant with expertise in planning, designing and implementing professional learning initiatives in a…

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Andy Mendelsberg

Denver, Colorado

Andy Mendelsberg served Denver Public Schools as a principal, assistant principal, and curriculum director for 25 years, spending his final…

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Joellen Killion

Austin, Texas

Joellen Killion is a senior advisor to Learning Forward and served for many years as the association’s deputy executive director….

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